Corpus Students and Corpus 2021 Graduates

£ 150

  • Corpus students ticket release will be at 1pm on the 26th of November 2021. Corpus 2021 Graduate Ticket Release Date To Be Announced Soon
  • Queue Jump: £175
  • Dining: £190
  • Optional One Guest (2 for 2021 Graduates)
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Cambridge Students

£ 160

  • Ticket Applications Open In Early 2022
  • Queue Jump: £185
  • Dining: £200
  • Apply as a group of up to 4

Ticketing Information

Corpus Students

Corpus students ticket release will be at 1pm on the 26th of November 2021. Cost will be Standard at £150, Queue Jump at £175 and Dining at £190. One guest ticket per student is allowed to be bought on the day of ticket release. Extra guest ticket applications can be made during general ticket release in early 2022. Guest tickets cost an extra £10 on top of the Corpus prices.

Alumni (graduation year 2021)

Ticket release date will be announced soon. Ticket release will be before general alumni release. Ticket codes will be released in a first come first served basis by emailing . Up to 2 guests can be purchased. Cost for those who graduated in 2021 will be Standard at £150, Queue Jump at £175 and Dining at £190.

Alumni (graduation year 2020 and before) and Fellows

Ticket release date will be announced soon. Ticket codes will be released in a first come first served basis by emailing . Up to 2 guests can be purchased. You must include the year you graduated in your email. Cost will be Standard at £170, Queue Jump at £195 and Dining at £210.

Cambridge University

Tickets applications will open in early 2022. Applications can be made as a group of 4. Closing date will also be announced in early 2022. Tickets may be allocated before the closing date. The cost will be Standard at £160, Queue Jump at £185 and Dining at £200.



This year the Corpus May Ball will be hosted on the 24th of June 2022

This year, the standard ticket is priced at £150 for entry beginning at 9pm. Queue Jump Tickets are priced at £175 and allow for priority entry to the May Ball. Dining tickets, where a formal dinner is provided from 6.30pm and allows for immediate entry to the May Ball, is priced at £190. Prices increase for those not currently studying at the college or those that graduated from the college in 2021.

Each individual is permitted to purchase up to one guest ticket. Alumni of Corpus Christi College are permitted to purchased up to two guest tickets. These guests are not required to be members of the University.

Corpus students ticket release will be at 1pm on the 26th of November 2021. The next batch of tickets will become available to 2021 graduates of Corpus Christi College at a date to be announced soon. Following this, the rest of the members of Corpus Christi College will be able to purchase tickets at a date to be announced soon. Finally, the remaining tickets will be released to all current members of the University in early 2022.

Corpus students will be required to pay for the ticket on their college bill. For those this is not applicable to, we allow payment by most major debit/credit cards via Stripe for a £2.50 handling fee.

Black tie, White tie or national dress. Sports blazers are not permitted. The dress code will be strictly enforced, and those who are not properly attired will be refused entry to the Ball.

Yes, although there will be a name change fee. This will become available on the ticketing system when it becomes live.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Ball, please contact us, at

The dining ticket is for a formal plus queue jump. The Corpus May Ball Committee are working on an exciting experimental menu for you and are confident you will enjoy it. There will be plenty of other food present during the ball, that is included in the standard ticket. We will cater for all dietary restrictions.

The terms and conditions are available here .

There is step-free access (but not full wheelchair access) via a secondary route and 6 standard height steps, with no handrail to the main entrance. There is basic seating, an accessible toilet, a gender-neutral toilet, and a designated quiet space. The Bar does not have wheelchair access and has approximately 15 standard height steps. There will be a variety of paved, carpeted and grass areas outside. If you require a hearing loop, please contact us. This isn't a BSL interpreter, or general car parking. There will be a variety food and drink throughout the night with vegetarian and vegan options. Water and soft drinks will be available. If you have any other dietary requirements, then please do get in contact. You can contact us about access through Alex Mann (

Tickets will be distributed in 2022. An email will be circulated nearer the time.

Student Workers


Welcome to the Corpus May Ball Student Workers section of the website. We look forward to working with you to deliver the best possible May Ball at Corpus this year! All roles will give workers great professional and teamwork experience, a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Corpus May Ball 2022, and competitive rates of pay to reflect the importance of your work at the ball. Please see role descriptions below. Applications for Team Supervisors will close at 23:59 on 31st January 2022 and for all other roles at 23:59 on 18th February 2022.

Pay: Team Supervisors will receive £14/hr. Other roles will be paid at the competitive rate of £10.0 /hr. The pay period for those working the whole May Ball will be from 8:30pm to 6am and, during your breaks, refreshments will be provided for you by the Committee. As is standard for many May Balls, successful applicants will be required to submit a deposit cheque to cover a ticket cost*. There can be a slight delay in obtaining chequebooks from some banks so we suggest you request one urgently. If you have any queries or concerns, please direct enquiries to Thank you, and we look forward to receiving your application!

  • General workers

    General workers are the backbone of the staffing team at Corpus May Ball and may be called upon to assist in a variety of roles including assisting with stall changes, keeping stalls fully stocked, litter-picking, and working in the cloakroom. You may also be asked to undertake some of the less pleasant jobs at the ball, however you will be compensated additionally should you wish to be part of that specialist team.

  • Stewards

    Stewards will work directly with the security team to ensure the safety of the ball for all our staff and guests. This will include checking wristbands, ensuring health and safety rules are being followed, and assisting the security team in the event of an emergency.

  • Events Steward

    Events stewards will work alongside the Ents team to manage the queuing and safety of the various Ents around the May Ball site. We are looking for friendly but firm individuals to manage queues, the number of guests allowed on the Ents at any one time and ensuring that we comply with relevant safety regulations to ensure the safety of all guests and staff.

  • Food and Drinks Server

    This role will include serving food and drink to guests, including in the queue as guests enter the Ball, keeping stalls well-stocked, and ensuring that health regulations relating to food and drink are adhered to. This role will require friendly workers who are able to work well within a team. No hospitality experience is necessary, although it would certainly be beneficial.

  • Team Supervisors

    Our Team Supervisors are the glue that holds the whole staffing team together. This role requires strong leadership and teamwork skills as well as the ability to organise both yourself, and others. Communication will be absolutely vital in this role as you will be interacting not only with the dozens of staff within your own teams, but also with various members of the May Ball Committee, security team, and Corpus Christi College staff. The extra responsibility that this role entails is reflected by the requirement to undertake an interview with members of the May Ball Committee. Each Team Supervisor will take control of one of the three broad teams of staff: Stewards, General Workers, and Food and Drink.

  • Set-up/take-down

    Obviously, a May Ball requires a massive amount of work simply to get to the point where we can open the doors to our guests. The set-up and take-down teams will assist the logistics team in organizing the placement of tables, chairs, bins, stalls, marquees, and anything else that needs to be brought onto the May Ball site and positioned prior/after the Ball. Please note, this role will involve heavy lifting/carrying.


*All Workers will be required to deposit with the Committee one personal insurance cheque for £160 (amounting to the total price of a Corpus May Ball ticket), made payable to ‘Corpus May Ball Committee’ as a guarantee of good behaviour. The cheques will be destroyed at the end of your shift unless your supervisor or a member of the Committee considers that you have broken the terms of your contract: this includes drinking alcohol or any form of obnoxious behaviour.


For any ticketing enquires or concerns please email .


  • a man with a mustache


    Alex Mann President

  • a woman


    Sophie Lamont Vice President (Operations)

  • man


    Ana Lléo Vice President (Ents)